School Receptionist Phone
School Receptionist Phone
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School Receptionist Phone

School Receptionest Phone


The Receptionist phone can be used to communicate with other phones on the system for call appearance and speed dialing in large schools that need to see what is happening with lets say class room phones on the system, to see if they are off hook or not.

All though in most cases a Receptionist phone is not necessary it can be quite useful.

How a console works is a 60 button console can have one of the 60 buttons programmed for a particular phone or an extension so the receptionist or operator can have what is known as call appearance to see what is happening with a particular phone on the system.  For instance lets say a call comes in for the vice principle, the receptionist or operator would be able to look at the console and see if the vice principle is available to take a phone call.

School Receptionist Phone


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School Receptionist Phone