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School Phone System

Loud Speaker System

Classroom Intercom System

Emergency 911 Dialing

911 Notification

Timed Reminders

Receptionist Console

Door Phone for Late Arrivals

Automated Answering

Office Phones

Office Phones

Several office phones available depending on the needs and the application of the school ofice.

Classroom Phones

Classroom Phones

Many phones available for phones inside the Classroom.  Such as affordable single line phones, phones with message waiting, and phones with a public address system built in.  All Class room phones with provide intercom service.

School Receptionist Console

Schol Receptionest Console

Expandable console with expansion capabilities of 200 buttons and more.

Door Entrance Phones

Door Entrance Phones

What is typically know as a door phone can be mounted to the exterior of a building for school safety reasons such as late arrivals or an un expected visitor for clearance into the building.

E System Sales, Inc provides a School Phone System for any School with the needs of a system with the needs as small as 3 phones to a system with the needs of 1000 phones or more.

We have available 2 different NEC Phone Systems for a School depending on the needs and budget of any school with the need of a new phone system.We provide installation services, remote programming services, and prompt lifetime support on all of the School Phone Systems we sell.

What to expect when you purchase a phone system from E System Sales, Inc.?

You can expect: courteous and prompt installation, training and support for as long as you own your system.

E System Sales, Inc. is a state of the art always up to date School Phone System provider that is ahead of its time, allowing our customers the opportunity to take advantage of significant savings.

What is a School Phone System?  A School Phone System is a computer based phone system that provides phone service plus many features to the many phones on a school campus.

School Cordless Phones

Schoole Cordless Phones

The Panasonic digital school phone systems support what is know as a multi-cell cordless phone system that will allow cordless phone coverage to as much as the whole school.

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What we need to know in order to provide you an accurate quote on a new School Phone System:

- How many room phones are needed
- office phones are needed
- phones for  maintenance and such
- how many phones
- and how many incoming lines are needed.

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